TSB Business Banking Review

TSB is a large bank that is well known throughout the UK. With an appealing business banking offer, TSB provides up to 25 months of free banking provided you stick to their limits.

However, with so many different business bank accounts available to UK customers, what is it that makes TSB different? We've taken a look at TSB's online reviews in order to compare the bank's reputation with other providers.

One thing to note is that many public-facing review sites do not differentiate between business and personal accounts - so if you're considering a business account specifically, bear that in mind and carefully consider the actual wording on review sites.

Review Comparison

Review Website Rating Notes
Smart Money People 2.5/5 Smart money people's user reviews are mixed - with a total of 26 reviews resulting in an average score of 2.65/5. Most criticism is around poor customer service and slow response times.
Trustpilot 3.3/5 While many TrustPilot reviews are from personal account holders, there are still many business account reviews in this list. Their score is higher than many other competing high street banks - though lower than digital-only banks such as Starling and CashPlus.
Reviews.io 2.8/5 Reviews.io users report negative experiences using TSB's app and with customer support. However, with only 5 reviews, there is an almost 50/50 split between positive and negative reviews.
Finder 3.8/5 Finder itself rates TSB 3 out of 5, but its user scores are higher - with 34 reviewers resulting in an average of 3.8/5. Some of these reviews praise their dedicated business managers.
Which 63% In this scoring system of all UK banks (mainly focused on personal) TSB scored 63% with 3 out of 5 for customer service and just 2 out of 5 for telephone support.

Updated: January 2022

About TSB Business Banking

TSB only offers a single business account option - known as the 'Business Plus' account. The bank provides an initial free monthly fee for 6 months and then transitions to a £5 monthly fee. There are charges on cheques and cash but electronic payments are free.

Crucially, TSB's Business Plus account delivers a free Square card reader for the first £1000 that a business takes in sales, which will be a benefit to new bricks and mortar companies that need to quickly establish an affordable way to take card payments.

Pros & Cons


  • Free Square card reader.
  • Digital and mobile banking available with accountancy integrations.
  • Lots of branches across the UK for in-branch support.


  • No business credit cards available.
  • No invoicing tools provided.
  • Poorly rated for customer support.

Business Bank Account Information

As stated, TSB offers a single account known as TSB Business Plus. This account is free for 6 months and then incurs a monthly charge of £5. If a business account has a balance that averages over £10,000 in a month, the fee is waived.

Cheques are charged at 70p per cheque, cash at 70p per £100 and e-payments are free.


TSB has mixed reviews - but its business account does have some key benefits. The free card reader and digital platform make it easier for new ecommerce businesses to get started. Lots of in-person support options due to the 500+ branches in the UK will appeal to people who enjoy face-to-face customer service.