Cashplus Business Banking Review

Cashplus is a UK-based digital bank that has grown from its origins as a prepaid card company to a full bank. Officially launched in February 2021, Cashplus is one of the youngest banks in the UK.

The brand offers a business account managed through the mobile app or via a desktop dashboard when browsing on a laptop or PC. Cashplus is unique amongst many young challenger banks as it offers an overdraft and cash advance system for eligible customers - which may appeal to new businesses looking for support with cash flow.

As such as 'new kid on the block', how does CashPlus rank in terms of user reviews? We've scoured the internet for popular review sites containing genuine user feedback to give you an at-a-glance comparison of Cashplus Business Banking's online reputation.

Review Comparison

Review Website Rating Notes
Smart Money People 4.8/5 Smart money people's impressions of Cashplus are hugely favourable - with an average score of 4.8 out of 5 from over 1,114 reviews. The majority of reviews praise the bank's customer service and ease of use.
Trustpilot 3.7/5 TrustPilot's score is more mixed than the above - likely due to more personal account holders. The good reviews praise service whilst the negative ones are complaints about account freezes and charges. 1.5/5 is far more critical of the bank. Across 10 user reviews, Cashplus receives just 1.5 out of 5 with 10% of reviewers recommending it. Account freezes and charges are again the main issues.
Finder 3.5/5* Finder doesn't have enough user reviews to rank Cashplus, so we've defaulted to their own scoring system where they've given the bank a 3.5 out of 5
Moneyguru 4.5/5% This is an independent rating from a single business so is not as reliable as user aggregated scoring. However, the review does point out the pros and cons and praises Cashplus for its easy application process and lack of credit checks.

Updated: January 2022

*No user reviews - this is Finder's own ranking based on their expert analysis

About Cashplus Business Banking

Cashplus offers a business account with a unique appeal - it does not require credit checks, so it will be great for smaller businesses who need to get set up without fear of bad credit ratings limiting their ability to make a living.

Cashplus offers a business bank account with a flat fee, designed to integrate modern accountancy tools and function entirely from mobile or web apps.

Pros & Cons


  • No credit checks needed.
  • Innovative online app packed with integrations for accounting software.
  • Great customer support and fast applications.


  • Flat annual fee of £69 for a business account.
  • Limited to 3 free transfers per month.
  • Less history and prestige than more established banks.

Business Bank Account Information

The Cashplus business account has transparent charges - it costs £69 annually to have one, and charges are accrued based on transactions. Once you've exceeded the three free transfers each month, you'll pay 99p per transaction. ATM withdrawals cost £2, and any replacement cards are £5.95.


Cashplus is a genuinely appealing proposition for many small businesses, especially those with poor credit history that want to get started with a business bank account. The bank's reviews are more favourable than many established banking institutions, and the innovative digital app gets strong praise for its ease of use.