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SmallBusinessPro started in 2004 and offers new and prolific entrepreneurs a host of tools, guides and information to assist them in starting and building successful businesses. People that interact with our site learn how to obtain finance using business plans, understand marketing techniques effectively to build a profitable customer base, and save money on their day to day costs.

What We Do

The site covers both sides of the Profit and Loss spectrum - sales and costs - to help you build a long-term profitable venture. Once you've made a profit, we also look at your tax implications.

Initially, the information provided was mainly about marketing, but as it gained in popularity, we added additional related sections on insurance products, business theories, loan finance and government policy affecting companies in the UK. Our small business blog also provides additional help and advice.

Your Business Information

Rather than have boring academic papers that are difficult to digest, the articles presented have all been developed by real business owners so you can relate to the information in a more meaningful manner.

Many local government departments reference our material for staff and business training as it's regularly updated to reflect legislative and market changes. Since we launched some of the significant changes we implemented are:

  • Secure web environment: We moved our site over to HTTPS to encrypt all information you view via our website online. Although we don't sell anything on our site, we felt it's important for our visitors and users to have a safe web experience. Most of the web is now secure.
  • Improved user experience (UX): From time to time we evaluate how people interact with the information provided and make adjustments to design and navigation to ensure it's easy to find the information you're looking for with ease. We made a significant change earlier this year and have seen more pages visited per user and a lower bounce rate. We will continue to improve UX over time.
  • Mobile browsing: Although most B2B websites get viewed in an office environment from a desktop, we moved early to a responsive web design so it's easy to digest the pages viewed. Many pages contain complex charts and graphs so it was important these were presented in a readable format when viewing on a mobile or tablet device. Our original site did not work well on mobiles, but the performance shows the design works well.

Some other features we've added include Excel spreadsheets you can download and use later on your computer to perform various calculations. Some guides have pdf versions you can download and print. We will continue to evolve our feature list.

We regularly post on the SmallBusinessPro Twitter page with nuggets of information from other companies or business leaders that may help you.

Company History

In the early days of the internet, there was limited business information available that was accurate and useful. SmallBusinessPro launched in early 2004 using the experience of people that have expert knowledge in each industry sector.

2004 - 2010

Initially, we developed various start-up guides to assist those wishing to create new businesses in various sectors. Customer feedback showed users needed additional guides on company structures and tax. We expanded our content to include these subject areas to provide real options to each and every reader.

2011 - 2020

During the next ten years, we've created relationships with many successful business owners to provide more in-depth content for those starting their journey and also for those wanting to grow their revenues. We have a team of five keeping the site updated and accurate and adding more information on a regular basis.

The team attend various industry awards and work with regulators where appropriate.

SmallBusinessPro Team Member Profiles

Read more about the experts behind the website.

David Howell

David Howell

David Howell is the founding editor of Nexus Publishing, a specialist business research and communications hub. David is an expert in developing micro-businesses along with freelancing and publishes a regular column in Forbes.

His work over the past 30 years appeared in the national press and leading technology and business magazines in the UK, USA and Asia. He is a regular contributor to the Times and Guardian Sunday supplements and regularly writes features for IT Pro.

As a broadcaster, David hosts several podcasts including his regular column run by the Process Industry Informer for engineering professionals.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is a freelance journalist, author and copywriter specialising in technology and business start-ups. Following a career as a workflow performance analyst for, he moved into journalism and has written for The Guardian, BBC, Telegraph, and global industry magazines.

He has covered issues ranging from cybernetics and start-ups, to world affairs and cybercrime. In addition to journalism, he has also written for corporate clients including Kaspersky, DHL and

He is currently writing a book on entrepreneurship due for professional publication in spring 2021.

Peter Hale

Peter Hale

Peter Hale founded SmallBusinessPro in 2004 and manages the strategic direction of the company. A recognised UK expert in business and strategic planning, Peter has successfully applied his 30+ years experience in business start-ups to implement systematic approaches that maximise opportunities for organisations.

Before starting SmallBusinessPro, Peter worked full-time in Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm and London in finance, eCommerce, and distribution sectors for 20 years. These roles included companies such as DHL, American Express and EE. Peter was one of the founding members and board director of specialist energy software developer UD Group for seven years. He was part of the team that merged UD Group with POWWR in 2019.

Media and Advertising

Our material gets continuously referenced by other media organisations such as The State University of New York (SUNY), Craven College, Askham Bryan College, Pembrokeshire College, Accounting Web, and East Surrey College. You are more than welcome to reference any of our work on your website so long as you cite the website as the source.

We do not accept guest blog posts on our site nor do we sell or swap links.

Our website uses Google AdSense to help pay for the hosting costs, and you can use the "Managed Placements" function on your AdWords campaign to advertise on our site. We've used this approved network for nearly 15 years and believe it adds value to the successful user experience. We have no dedicated media kit, but will evaluate every proposal by putting our visitors first.

We also take direct advertising deals that last for three months with a minimum spend of £12,000. We are careful in the advertising we carry so as not to disrupt or annoy our visitors. You should be a well-known brand and offer solutions to a problem. We do not accept lead-generation advertising. We place great emphasis on an excellent user experience so any advertising proposal should reflect that.

Please contact us with any proposal you have.

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