Barclays Business Banking Review

As one of the UK's largest banks, Barclays carries a reputation for professionalism and prestige. So, it is little surprise that the bank offers business accounts for businesses of most sizes in the country, with services ranging from everyday digital banking to complete financial management and support for larger enterprises.

But how do users of the service score Barclays? Does its reputation live up to expectations? We've taken a look at some of the internet's best review sites to analyse the scores on offer and see how Barclays Business Banking ranks.

Take a look at our review comparison below, then jump down to our at-a-glance information on the business banking on offer from Barclays to see if it suits your needs.

Review Comparison

Review Website Rating Notes
Smart Money People 3.5/5 Recent reviews are skewed more negatively than past ones - mainly focused on poor digital app experiences. However, the average score is higher than other large banks due to a reputation for trust and service.
Trustpilot 1.5/5 Due to the consumer-driven nature of Trustpilot, many reviews focus on personal accounts. However, the low ratings across the board indicate poor customer service and poor app experiences. A common trend in reviews seems to state that long-term customers are growing dissatisfied with Barclays after recent changes. 1.5/5 captures user feedback and unfortunately, the majority of it is very negative for Barclays. Like other review sites, most criticism is on poor customer service/support.
Reviewcentre 1.3/5 Most reviews on this site are outdated. The most recent is from 2019 - so take the scores with a pinch of salt.
Finder 4.1/5 Finder runs customer surveys to get business banking opinions from genuine Barclays customers. They score highly here with generally good experiences but non-competitive charges and interest rates.
Which 68% In this scoring system of all UK banks (mainly focused on personal) Barclays scored 68% with a 3 out of 5 for customer service.

Updated: January 2022

About Barclays Business Banking

After comparing the reviews above and getting an overview of Barclays and how users perceive it, take a look at some key information about Barclays Business Banking below.

Pros & Cons


  • Lots of account options for various types of businesses - some offering financial management support.
  • Invoicing included with the Barclays app.
  • Loans and overdrafts available to help cashflow.


  • Generally negatively reviewed on all main user-based feedback sites (though Finder reviews, which are specifically from Business Banking Customers, are far more favourable)
  • Application process reported as taking longer than competitors.
  • No 24/7 business support.

Business Bank Account Information

Barclays Business Bank Accounts are available in three variants. A startup account with no monthly fee for 12 months; a business account for turnovers of up to £400,000 and a business account for turnovers between £400,000-£6.5 million.

Barclays Business Accounts, except for what is stated above, incur a fixed monthly fee of £6 for the Mixed Payments Plan and £6.50 for e-Payments.

They also offer a community account for not-for-profit organisations, which is completely free.


While Barclays has a relatively poor reputation in consumer-driven review scores, the reviews on sites such as Finder, which specialise in business accounts, shed a more favourable light on it. Barclays is a large institution and therefore fosters a significant amount of trust and financial backing. For larger businesses, Barclays provides wealth management and financial planning services that will be a real benefit to any business.