Business Tax

Here are our guides on business taxes including Corporation Tax and PAYE for employees that are important for tax planning when starting new businesses. Accountants can help you mitigate your tax liability such as claiming for all legitimate business expenses you may incur.

Tax Guides

To get the most from your business here are some step-by-step guides on various topics covering all areas of business taxation in the UK.

Close Company - There is a definition of a close company that is different from actually winding a company up - we cover both topics on a close company.

Tax Codes - The Inland Revenue issue every person with a particular tax code depending on your circumstances. We list all the various tax codes and what they mean, how HMRC calculates them and what you can do if you believe yours is incorrect.

VAT Issues - VAT is a tax collected by businesses on behalf of the government. You can check to see what a valid VAT registration number is for your business.

Other tax-related articles

Any tax changes get announced by the government during various finance reviews or emergency budgets.