Affordable Web Programmers & Website Developers

The internet is still growing exponentially and more money is spent online than ever before so it's important you have a professional website for your business and be able to convert visitors into paying customers. These guides show you how to start and develop your web presence.

Getting Started

If you don't have a web site yet and are just getting started then you'll need a domain name some affordable hosting to host your website and professional website design services.

Looking through the online forums many people feel they are paying too much for these services but it doesn't have to be that way as the costs are reducing as competition increases especially in tough economic times.

So if you are ready to develop you website see our articles on domain name registration to get your domain registered in the UK or globally how to get business web site hosting that's affordable and reliable as you don't want your website offline at any time. Most providers are good but you'll need someone who offers great support and tools that help manage your files and email easily.

Professional Look and Feel

Before you even start on your website you should have a professional looking logo and a set of corporate colours. You can get a company logo developed by thousands of designers at a low cost.

Websites don't need to cost a fortune and don't need those nasty flash entry pages either but a professional look and feel so that your visitors know who you are and what you do are essential. You should map out what you want your website to achieve first (ie: is it simply an online brochure, are you selling products or services or is it a lead capture device?) and then you'll be able to brief designers on your requirements. Read about small business web design services and how to achieve your goals.

Making Money Online

Most people who develop websites want to earn an additional income or even develop a full time business so use our guides on how to make money with google adsense from a blog or standard site, you can start blogging for yourself or your business and our guide on how to start a blog will help you begin, and here's how to write a long sales letter for your web site.

Developing your business online

Once you have your website available to others you'll need services to get more visitors to your site and other elements such as copywriting services or learn them yourself so you understand the finer points of direct marketing (as that's what sells best online at the present time.

Business Broadband

If you are running a small business then you'll need business broadband and we have produced a free guide to the best small business broadband packages that you can take advantage of right now with an easy online sign up to get your business on the internet today.