How To Get Cheaper Gas For Your Business

Although there are fewer companies offering business gas supplies than electricity, there are still many to choose from for all types of businesses.

All the major energy companies now compete in the commercial gas market, so you're able to compare gas and electric rates online and reduce your costs to get cheaper bills.

British Gas for Business

British Gas is the first company you think of for gas supplies and are still the UK's largest commercial supplier. They currently offer excellent rates, especially if you take a dual fuel contract in that you get electric and gas together in one contract.

  • Already supply over 950,000 UK businesses.
  • Save up to £850 per year on your existing gas contract.
  • Fixed term and fixed price contracts.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Green gas option available.
  • British Gas will switch from your existing provider.
  • 60 second easy online quote.

For further information on gas supplies for small and micro businesses there's an excellent gas guide at in addition to prices and average tariffs.

Saving Money on Business Gas Supplies

If you search for comparison services online, many companies want you to complete a form and get them to search the market for you.

Unlike with domestic services, where you can undertake the entire transaction online, the business market has not yet reached this point. Therefore, you have to either undertake the leg work yourself or get an energy broker to do this for you.

Many claim to save you up to 70% per year on your current tariff and there are certainly savings to be made. The easiest method is to talk to your current supplier on their current deals. As with domestic energy, the main three methods of reducing costs are:

  • Switch to direct debit payments.
  • Take a dual fuel contract i.e.: gas and electric.
  • Opt out of having bills sent to you i.e.: electronic bill payments.

Npower Gas

Npower is another large player in the gas market and can offer an instant online quote based on your current consumption.

  • Over 50,000 UK businesses are supplied with gas from Npower.
  • Choice of one or three year contracts.
  • Fixed gas pricing is available for the term.
  • Cheapest pricing when purchased online.
  • Additional discounts if paid by Direct Debit.
  • Cheaper pricing for dual fuel contracts.
  • Npower business gas.

Green Business Gas

Although there is no real "green gas" supply, you can now choose a green gas contract that has a carbon offset built into the contract. One such company offering this scheme is Eon, and their product lets you choose a green electricity contract with the offset gas option as a dual fuel service.

Wholesale and Retail Gas Trends

All UK energy companies, apart from a few, can supply your business with gas. There are some dedicated gas suppliers such as Gazprom although it's best just to obtain quotes from the entire market.

The retail market is competitive as wholesale prices have had low inflation over the past few years. With lower demand from milder winters, uncertainty with the main oil producers and global economic issues the market remains fragile.

Although prices are unlikely to increase at previous alarming rates, it's still prudent to attempt to fix your contract for a three-year term. No contract exceeds this duration from any supplier, but it helps remove any risk associated with future price increases.