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Business Link to be Scrapped by Government

Hot on the heals that the regional development agencies are to be scrapped comes the news that Business Link is to go the same way. (more…)

Reducing Electricity and Gas Rates for Small Business Owners

In these days of the continuing uncertainty in the economy and more cuts to come one thing a small business owner can do is to reduce all their utility bills such as electricity, gas and telephone. So how can you do this without affecting the service. We investigate. (more…)

Chris Cardell Advertising Standards Authority Ruling

Many many small business owners have heard of Chris Cardell via his marketing which were reported to the ASA. Here are also details about his 6 CD offer and other information. (more…)

Small Business Statistics and Numbers

small business statistics

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25 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

If you are thinking of starting a business it can feel like complete excitement but there are many pitfalls so here’s our top tips to think about before you spend a single penny of your hard earned cash or redundancy. (more…)

Federation of Small Businesses Joining Woes

So I thought I should join the FSB as they have a lot to offer but how hard do you think they have made it for me as a simple (?) small business owner? Read on…. (more…)

Cost Reduction: 10 Ways to Reduce Business Costs

For many businesses money is really tight at present so here are our top 10 tips to save money without impacting the efficiency of your business. (more…)

Dragons’ Den Review and Duncan Bannatyne

So we were introduced to a new series of the popular BBC “business” programme Dragons’ Den last night but the wife and I were more intrigued on what has happened to Duncan Bannatyne’s hair…. (more…)

Redundancy Advice – Start or Buy a Business

While a swathe of redundancies engulf the developed world in the wake of the global economic downturn, many of those set free from their contracts of employment are turning their previously dormant business ideas into reality and becoming entrepreneurs.


Interview with Duane Jackson of Kashflow Accounting Software

I have long been a fan of Duane Jackson founder and creator of Kashflow. I find it interesting that he is very vocal in his marketing approach and he has no problems in pointing out “flaws” in his main competitors offerings – I like the approach and many marketers say that controversy sells.

So I have managed to get Duane’s ear to ask him a few questions about his approach and others about his company that he has kindly offered to answer for us today. So let’s kick this off: (more…)

Starting a Bookkeeping Business

If you’re a bookkeeper or have financial qualifications what about running your own bookkeeping business ? (more…)

Should You Start a New Business During This Recession?

So we have a recession at the moment, and many people are thinking of starting a new business but just haven’t got around to it, or are probably too scared to start one. But most of the time, from the emails and help requests we receive, all we hear about are excuses.

People sign upĀ for our business planning training and months later we ask how they are getting on, and they say “they are still working on it”. (more…)