Business Plan Writing Examples and Guides

Every new business needs a robust business plan to show its path to profitability while highlighting the areas that will make it a success. Most banks offer free business planning software. It's generally easy to use and automatically prompts you for the input they require.

Therefore, you should get the software directly from the bank that you're targeting your loan application. That way, you'll know and understand precisely the data they need for any loan decision. Below are some example plans and guides to help you through this process.

Preparing Your Business Plan

If you've never written a business plan before, then check through the following helpful articles. It's important to start at the beginning of the process, so you don't get overwhelmed. First of all, get ideas of how to structure your plan, so you know the data you need to collect.

The structure and format of every business plan are the same for every industry. For that reason, we have put together a free business plan template section you can download into Word and Excel. You can then change the files as much as you like to fit your needs as required.

These articles help you create a successful business plan in terms of getting it right the first time around. They assist you in getting bank loans or overdrafts at the first time of asking. We also provide additional business plan ideas to get you started when preparing your plan. Rather than just staring at a blank sheet of paper, you can make use of concepts that worked for other businesses.

Free Sample Plans

What is a Sample Business Plan?

A sample business plan is a document fully prepared with all the commercial, marketing and financial information already populated. It means you save time by using the plan and changing the data for your needs.

Ready-made Examples

We have put together some free sample plans for your use. The format of each plan is precisely the same, but we have chosen some recent market research and specific elements for each business just for the markets highlighted below.

Please use these sample plans and you are free to adapt them for your own use.