Van Insurance for Self-Employed Couriers

Driving for a living always presents specific challenges. However, it's easy to get cheap courier van insurance for your business or a fleet of vans without using specialist insurers or compromising the value of cover you need.

Lower premiums are available for the majority of van drivers including legal expenses by using professional underwriters or just the usual commercial insurance companies.

Brokers or Online Websites?

Specialist brokers have been around for years, but the industry has changed and van insurance is now part of mainstream insurance products. It's now easy to get quotes online and buy your policy to get cover instantly.

Types of Courier Insurance

This insurance is in addition to other types of policies you should have as someone working with the public. For example, you should already have public liability insurance in case of accidents or damage-related incidents with third-parties.

Although all van insurance policies vary, all stipulate that it's only used for commercial purposes to carry goods rather than people. Insurers want to see a vehicle that usually carries less than four passengers and weighs less than 3.5 tonnes.

Courier van with delivery driver and parcelMost insurers require that you're over 21 years of age and have held a full driving licence for at least one year. You should not use your van for some trades such as entertainment, a minicab driver, professional sports, foreign diplomatic personnel or based in the fashion industry.

Check with your broker or insurance company to see any applicable restrictions.

If you're a new self-employed courier business just starting up, some insurance companies may be able to take your no claims discount from your private car into account as well. Ensure you ask at the initial quote stage.

What's Covered by the Policy?

As mentioned above, all policies and premiums are different by each insurer and may not provide coverage that you may assume they will. For example, some won't cover you for items left in your van overnight or while in transit when you're making deliveries.

Always check for "goods in transit cover" if this is a requirement for your courier business.

Decide at the outset what cover you require and the types of services you want from your insurer. The most common services provided include:

  • UK-based call centres operating 24 hours a day seven days a week to process claims and offer advice if you're in an accident.
  • Discounts for applying and purchasing online.
  • Protect against vandalism of your vehicle.
  • A protected no claims bonus if an uninsured driver is in involved in an accident with you.
  • Obtaining a replacement van while yours is off the road for repairs so you can carry on with your courier business unaffected.

Many companies also allow you to pay your premiums in 12 equal monthly instalments, so there's no need to pay everything upfront.

Recommended Courier Van Insurance Companies

We have picked companies you can get online quotes and instant cover for your courier van.

Use a comparison website to get the lowest prices

A question from Richard Singleton:
"Good evening, I'm looking for quotes as a new starter in the van courier business. I operate a small limited company and am keen to put another arm to the business."

Answer from SmallBusinessPro: Hi Richard - your best bet is to use a comparison site to check rates. We recommend QuoteZone because they compare the whole market - Please use to get competitive van quotes (this is an affliate link).

Churchill Courier Insurance

With Churchill courier van insurance, you receive many unique benefits including up to 65% no claims discount, 24 hours accident recovery and repairs guaranteed for five years included as standard. You can easily manage your account online, and a quote is easy to get in a matter of minutes.

Direct Line Courier Van Insurance

Direct Line courier van insurance offer excellent rates and cover for courier vans and throw in numerous benefits and special offers. Additionally, if you have more than one courier van, you'll get an additional 10% discount.

As this insurer isn't on the price comparison websites, you should check them out directly. It's easy to get a quote, and there are just a couple of questions to complete to receive your prices.