Top 10 Small Business Ideas

Here are the top 10 small businesses you can start. Some are more profitable than others and require more work but here are some ideas on businesses you can start

Whatever business you are thinking of starting it's always best to have some of your own skills and knowledge or that of others that you can bring into the business otherwise your competitors that already have a history will likely beat you.

Always create a business plan before you begin your journey so you can see anticipated sales and profits before you are 6 months in and struggling. Remember that most businesses fail in their first year.

See if these profitable businesses are for you:

1: Courier Business

You can deliver parcels yourself or from the major carriers such as DHL, Fedex or UPS. You will be known as a self employed courier and you main outlay is the cost of a van and then you need to get contacts from the major couriers or market yourself and deliver locally.

2: Coffee Shop

You could start your own coffee shop like Costa Coffee or Starbucks. A great way to begin is to have a small portable van that makes coffee on the go. You could position this at railway stations (with permission) or car parks - basically where there are people going to work and need a coffee or tea. To run a proper coffee shop of course needs premises. If you go this route ensure it's in a busy area of a town. Set up costs can be small (for the portable service) or large for the outlet.

3: Car Washing

There are many new car washing businesses being set up in old garages and in entrances to car parks or even in church car parks. The set up costs are low because you just need to rent the space and get access to water and purchase the washing detergents. You may also need a licence to operate from the council but overheads are generally low (for staff).

4: Catering Business

You could operate a small catering business from home or from small premises. Many people look for catering for private events such as birthdays. You'll need a health and safety certificate and hygiene certificates to begin which are provided by the local authority.

5: Internet Business

Working from home is probably everyone's dream and if you have the knowledge you could sell items online or start an internet business and generate revenues from advertising. If you don't have much money why not start a blog or learn coding yourself. You'll need to know how to generate visitors to your site and promote it online. The great thing about having an internet business is the entry costs are very low. All you need is a website and some products to sell. Of course you'll also need to take online payments but paypal can help you with that requirement for no set up costs.

6: Gardening Business

Out of the winter months a lot of people want the services of a gardener. Perhaps just mowing the lawn but also garden clearance and tree cutting. Start up costs are low as it is mainly yourself that's undertaking the work. Autumn is also a good time for clearing up leaves and pruning all the plants that have died for the winter. Get business by calling door to door or do a leaflet drop in your local area. It's people who have larger houses that are more likely to require these services.

7: Fast Food Delivery/ Restaurant

There are many opportunities to provide fast food in an outlet in a high street or slightly behind the main streets for people wanting food late in the evenings or to be delivered to their home. The competition is tough but even in the toughest economic times people still order pizzas or opt for fish and chips as the cost is lower than most pre-prepared food. The cost of ownership is higher than most startups as you'll need premises, cooking and heating equipment and staff. Other popular cuisines also include chinese and indian restaurants.

8: Sandwich Bar

Perhaps the most popular new business in recent times is the sandwich shop. The main ingredients can be purchased at a relatively low cost and staff costs are slightly higher than the minimum wage. This type of business thrives when it is either in a high street or close to many businesses where business people want something filling and easy to eat at desks at lunch time.

9: Man with a van

Although people are not moving house so much these days like with the courier business companies still need packages delivering to home and business addresses. All you need is a van to start and to get business target other businesses in the area and advertise in the local paper. This is likely to be a business that is developed through word of mouth and repeat business.

10: Professional Services - Accountants etc

You may already have a professional qualification such as an accountant, marketer or solicitor so now may be the time to go it alone. With all businesses you may need to start out at the bottom by providing book keeping services to begin to get business. Target local small businesses first and word should soon spread. This is a business that can be started from home at first.

We hope these business ideas have provided "food for thought" and you are able to start your own business soon.