Small Business Owners Guide to Beating The Recession

Here's our guide to help small business owners beat the current recession.

We've put together our small business owners guide of the top 10 things you need to review about your business this year and the people behind the products we recommend you check out to help you.

With tough times here now in the recession and forecast to be with us for some time to come, small business owners should spend time to review all areas of their business. Not only to dust down your business and marketing plan but get some basic fundamentals reviewed and look at areas in your business you may have forgotten about or just haven't looked at for a while.

small business owners beating recessionThere are probably expenses in your business that you have on a standing order or direct debit that go out each month... and each month you promise to look at that cost to reduce it... so now is the time to take action!

Here's our top 10 list of things you should look at in your business:

1) Review Your Business Plan

The majority of businesses have one. The majority of businesses put one together to get bank loans or an overdraft facility but when was the last time you took yours out and looked over how you are achieving and managing your goals?

Times change and certainly the economy is in a worst state. Looking at what you wrote before will not only show you where changes may need to occur but will probably prompt you to look at new opportunities or change the way you market and promote your business. If you don't have a business plan yet - get one. Here's a free simple business plan layout you can use.

2) Manage Your Cash Flow with an Accounting System

One of the most critical success factors when running a business is to ensure you manage your cash flow effectively. Many a profitable business has failed through the lack of cash to pay suppliers and staff so now may be a good time to look at what accounting software you are using (or choose something if you are not accounting for your business on a weekly or monthly basis).

There are many accounting systems on the market today and we recommend Kashflow

The beauty about this system is it's 100% online so you don't need to worry about backing anything up. Kashflow is continually being developed and has a great user forum with most new requests being developed for the product.

Kashflow has gone from strength to strength and 2008 saw it being integrated with PayPal which in turn saw massive PR and communication from PayPal to its users.

Get a free 60 Day Trial of Kashflow here

3) Get Free listings in the Small Business Directories

Whatever business you're in you'll need a constant stream of new customers coming into your business and the internet is a powerful tool. Millions of people are online every day searching for your products and services so even if you don't have a website yet you should get your business listed in the main online directories.

There's aren't many online directories that actually produce real traffic and the larger more commonly known ones can cost a lot to be listed. People do search for "business directory" in Google and those are the ones to get listed in as they are going to drive the most customers to your website.

4) Join Business Forums for Networking & Promotion

Networking is the lifeblood for meeting other small business owners but also to let other business owners know about your products. There are networking groups online and the main business forums have thousands of members who interact with each other and help each other out.

They are all free for the basic membership which allows almost full integration with the group. So if you haven't done so already sign up for a free account today and get networking online

4) Get your Adwords Campaigns Sorted

Many people dip their toes in the water and try Adwords and many are unsuccessful or waste too much money because of the following:

There are Adwords experts who can help restore your campaign and really boost your revenues. It may be worth exploring the idea of hiring an expert or at least search online for help before you waste more money.

5) Improve Your SEO

Millions of people are online searching for your products right now but if you don't have your website set up correctly for the search engines you are missing out on a lot of business.

SEO is seen as perhaps a murky unknown world and that can be the case as there is a lot of misinformation around the popular forums and it's difficult to know who to believe.

One of the brightest SEO'ers is Aaron Wall who has been around a long time and offers a lot of insight in his blog and operates and excellent online community. You can see more of Aarons work on his SeoBook website.

6) Spread the word

If business is slow and you need to get sales going again why not contact the people who have previously purchased from you either by email, telephone or face to face.

They may have forgotten your company exists and as they are current customers will have already been through the purchasing process with you and know (and hopefully) love your products.

You can contact them with a range of special offers or new products that you have.

Additionally, why not run a "member get member" campaign. This is where you ask your current customers to introduce their friends, family or colleagues to your business and offer both parties and incentive or gift when the new customer purchases from you. This type of marketing campaign has proven to work well in the past and is often used by the credit card companies, online wine merchants and Sky TV.

7) Cut unnecessary costs

We all have monthly direct debits and standing orders in our business for products and services we might not actually require any more or that need trimming. We are mostly good at switching suppliers in our domestic life for telephone, broadband or gas supplier but not in business.

So take a hard look at the costs in your business and look for better deals for all utilities, your webhosting plan, car costs, accountancy and anything else. This doesn't mean cutting the item from your business but being smarter in how the business is run.

8) Check Your Competitors

If you don't already do so it may be time to have a look to see what your competitors are up to with regards to both what they sell and how they sell it.

If they have a web business you can check out their news and recruitment pages (the job pages of websites are very interesting for competitor intelligence research because the "about us" page is generally quite up to date - additionally you can see if they are hiring or not which will provide some insights into their financial stability).

You will also see if they have any special offers or have reduced or increased their prices recently. You should also purchase competitor products from time to time to go through their entire order process and see what happens after your purchase - of course you'll also get to try the product and understand if you need to improve yours at all.

9) You Don't Need to Go it Alone

Even if your business is developing and you are networking successfully sometimes you may need the help of others on a one to one basis. Running your business by yourself can sometimes be a lonely experience and not everything you want to achieve gets done.

You may therefore think about having the services of a business mentor or business coach to help you progress faster and focus on those activities that will actually produce the results you want. We recommend you get in touch with Chris Kaday who has run many successful businesses himself and now mentors others.

10) Small Business Trends and Insights

We have been following Anita Campbells's insights together with her fellow writers for ages and her site and blog are worth book-marking and reading to see what's happening in the world of small business and trends, tips and techniques that can help you. It's the best small business owners guide there is!