Choosing Home Office Furniture

Most people who work from home have home computer desks stuck in a corner. Upgrading to better home office desks helps you keep organised and separate your home life from your business.

There are loads of styles to choose from to place in the corner of your study. These range from contemporary and glass top desks that have a modern look to basic wood-based items. A good chair will help your back if you're sitting in front of your computer or laptop for long periods each day.

What Type of Desk is Right for Your Office?

This question can be answered by looking at the space you have available for a desk and chair. If you have a dedicated room available, such as a study, then look at the room so that you don't face a wall if possible. Ensure you have enough space for your computer screen, keyboard, telephone and mouse mat. In terms of a desk, biggest is always best because there are always bits of paper and other stationary items you'll be working on.

If you're just putting the desk into an area of an existing room, then there are units where you can effectively close the door, so it looks like a nice piece of furniture. When you have finished your working day, you can forget about your business and enjoy family life. Additionally if you have small children in your home you'll want to be able to keep cables out of sight.

Types of Home Office Desks

As mentioned above, there are many types to choose from and here's a run down of some of our favourites.

Standard Desks

This Ikea all in one computer workstation is the type that many people have at home because you can put everything in one place. There are open shelves to place filing and lever arch files with a space for a printer as well.

It's also very cheap at around £45. OK is not the most handsome of furniture, but it's practical and does the job.

Glass Top Desks

This is a desk we use every day in the Small Business Pro office which an optional glass top. It's very large with a width of 140cm and depth of 75cm and can hold a heavy 19 inch monitor. We get tons of other stuff on the desk, and a glass top makes it very easy to clean (when we spill coffee all over it).

Contemporary Desks

Again another item from Ikea is this groovy contemporary desk which easily holds your computer and can be placed in the corner of a room if so desired. It's a great looking piece of furniture and can be easily cleaned if you spill anything. This one is a little more expensive at around £139 but still good value. With this type of furniture, you'll also require some storage facilities to accommodate filing and paperwork.

Finding a Chair for Your Desk

Getting the right chair for your home office is more important that your desk. The desk is a practical purchase just to ensure you have enough space, and it will fit your home whereas your chair decision is to help keep your posture correct during the day.

This means not finding a chair that looks comfortable but a chair that helps your back especially if you have suffered from any type of back pain in the past.

When searching for chairs ask your supplier if you have any medical issues or simply want to prevent them occurring in the future. So-called executive chairs may feel like you're the tough CEO of your company, but your body may not thank you for it in years to come.

Something like this Spinalis chair from a company called "Back in Action" is probably one of the best chairs you can buy. But of course, technology like this doesn't come cheap, and this example is a whopping 695 although it depends on the price you put on your health.

However, most people can't afford this type of chair, so there are other options available from regular stores as well as specialised outlets. It's best to avoid the cheap office chairs as they'll give you back ache and not last very long!

One option is the so-called kneeling chair because you sit back to front. You need to choose wisely because some of these chairs are designed just for sitting for short periods of time. So if you want something where you're at your home office desk for perhaps a few hours then the one pictured is for that purpose. Speak to the experts if you have any doubts.

So that's our run down of the furniture and home office desks for your computer work you can choose. There are probably hundreds of other options on the market in all types so have a hunt around.