Small Business Finance

Small business finance guides on sources of finance in the UK for small businesses and other methods to improve cash flow when starting a small business or growing an existing business. Below are ways to get small business finance for working capital requirements with additional sites and online videos to help your decision making process.

Invoice Finance

Using invoice financing may help your cashflow. See how invoice finance can work for any business together with vital information on invoice finance factoring and discounting and a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each method and whether it's right for you.


Unsecured and Secured Business Loans

Unsecured and secured business loans may help you start a business with an injection of working capital. These article show you how you can get unsecured small business loan for your start up business or to expand and grow an existing business as well as a secured business loan if you need bank finance or to secure or expand an overdraft facility.

Finance and Tax Help

Additional articles to help you raise finance for your business or non-profit organisation why not try these easy fundraising ideas to get a fundraising event working for you. We also look at sole trader advantages and disadvantages if you are starting a business and want to see if you should be a sole trader or limited company. For premises you may need a commercial mortgage to buy new property.

If you are already trading and need VAT assistance see our vat calculator to calculate net and gross amounts with and without VAT added at the current rate of 20%. If you are a sole trader then ensure you cover all the tax regulations in our self employed tax guide

Our new guide to buying property in the UK is a comprehensive non nonsense guide to the ins and outs and costs involved in property buying.

Other finance related articles

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