The Main Styles of Leadership in Businesses

There are 3 main types of leadership style that are globally recognised in the workplace which we have reviewed below which are at both ends of the spectrum of task management.

There are also 4 new types of leadership that have also been identified in the modern office environment that perhaps a new breed of manager falls into. All will work in the right circumstances or project to get things done quickly or to motivate a work force and staffing over a longer period of time.

About Leadership

Leadership is not to be taken lightly. Everyone needs to find the leadership style that works best for them and their subordinates. What works for your superiors may not work for you and your team. However, if you take some time and analyse different leadership styles and how they work for different personality types, you stand a much better chance of success as a leader.

The Three Classic Styles of Leadership

There are three leadership styles that are considered to be among the "classic" styles used by business leaders throughout the country. Each has its strengths and drawbacks - here are more details on each of them:

These three leadership styles form the foundation of most styles used by corporate leaders today. However, they do not necessarily encompass every philosophy on the nature of business and how leadership should be handled.

Other Leadership Styles

Other leadership styles that are popular in a number of fields, or that have been popular in the past include:

Leadership is not something to be stepped into lightly, and if it does not come to you naturally, as is the case for many new managers or business owners, it's important to spend some time determining which method of leadership will work best. If you know the culture of your particular business well, this may be easier, as you need only adjust to the needs of your employees. However, if you are moving into a new industry or an established corporation, making the right leadership decisions can be hard when you're not prepared.

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