Business Liability Insurance

If you're looking for the best small business insurance products from major and specialist insurers as well as brokers, then our guides will point you in the right direction.

General liability insurance is a must have as well as indemnity insurance for professional organisations that provide advice on a commercial basis and even contractors should consider getting quotes to cover themselves.

Insurance Guides

Professional indemnity insurance - this essential insurance for most business covers mistakes and professional errors. Check your professional indemnity insurance and ensure that you have the relevant cover for your business.

Insurance for Professionals

There are professions such as solicitors and accountants and other service providers that require indemnity insurance by law or as part of the conditions set by the membership association. So check out the following guides for your professional organisation:

There are various types of small business insurance products available on the market at competitive rates for limited companies and home businesses. These include:

For most businesses that have employees, you should have some form of liability insurance as the law dictates (also reference the Safety at Work Act 1974). Outside of legal requirements, you may consider insurance under the following circumstances:

When searching for quotes see if there are any specific exclusions and what type of excess you may need to pay in the event of any claim. Not all insurance policies are the same and may not cover you for circumstances you assume they will so be careful. Perhaps the services of an insurance broker may help you if you can work together. If you don't have the insurance specified by law, then you may face financial penalties in the form of fines.

So that summarises the types of small business liability insurance you may need. It's best to check if you have the relevant policies and the correct amount of cover for your circumstances.