Small Business Credit Cards

A credit card is often essential for small business owners to enable them to purchase items quickly and are unsecured against business assets.

There are many credit card companies that offer new and existing businesses the opportunity to get a corporate card with great offers and fast approval. You can apply for your card even if you have bad credit as a sole trader. Here are the best deals.

Business Credit Card Offers and Comparison

Although there is still a credit crunch in place, it's wise if you keep your personal and business expenses separate for VAT and accounting purposes. That's why it's advisable to get a business credit card even if you're trading as a sole trader or in a partnership. Of course, if you have a limited company, you should have cards in the name of your company.

There are few offers on the marketplace at the moment but when comparing credit cards you should look out for the following:

The MBNA Business Cash Back Credit Card

The MBNA business credit card with cash back is ideal if you spend a lot on credit cards as it offers 0.5% cash back on all purchases and 1% cash back on fuel charges. It operates like any other cards and has the following major benefits:

The MBNA Business Credit Card

The MBNA business credit card has no annual fee and is ideal to manage your daily business expenses.

It operates like any other cards and has the following major benefits:

Instant Business Credit Card

You can apply for both of the above offers online. We highly recommend the MBNA business credit cards that are Visa cards so are widely accepted by the majority of businesses. These cards also offer fraud protection on purchases much like your personal cards. Both offer a fast way to get a business credit card easily and are not secured on your business assets (i.e., they are unsecured).

MBNA also offer discounts for their members that change from time to time. Currently, these include 50% off business week magazine, 10% discount on Hertz car rentals and 35% discount off IHG hotel group - great to make your business profits go that much further.

You also get full online credit card banking with MBNA so you can manage your account, pay your bill and add additional card holders onto your account.

Business Credit Card Comparison

Here's a comparison of other cards available. All banks offer credit card for businesses including HSBC, Barclays Bank (Barclaycard), NatWest and Capital One. At the time of publication, the following offers existed (which is why we recommend MBNA above):