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Smallbusinesspro offers practical help, guides, resources, tips and ideas for all small businesses based in the UK. Whether you're a self-employed sole trader or run a limited company, we have all the advice you need to make your venture a success.

Are You Ready to Start Your Business?

Forecast chartOne of the first things you'll need to consider is firming up the type of business you want to start and create a business plan for your new venture. Your plan, including how you're going to get customers through marketing activities, is a key document that shows your path to profitability. You may also need this document to secure financing and to open a new bank account.

You can get ideas and templates for your plan in the how to start a business section that provides ideas and opportunities available for new entrepreneurs. Included are step-by-step guides on starting up, developing your skills and building a business during a recession.

Additionally there are many business utilities you may require such as electricity, gas, broadband, telephone and office space.

Business Financing Guides

Finance calculatorMost new businesses need some form of finance and are finding it difficult to get loans from banks with the current credit crunch. However, there are other numerous additional financing options available covered in our guides in the small business finance section.

All the banks offer various periods of free banking so ensure you get the right bank account by reading our small business banking guides. If you have customers visiting you, provide professional advice or employ staff then ensure you have the correct level of liability insurance to mitigate against potential claims. Business insurance is actually excellent value for money so ensure you shop around.

Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers

Customer prospecting ideasFinding new prospects and driving more sales from existing customers is difficult. Our marketing and sales guides provide ideas for advertising, promotions and advice on targeting the right customer groups. These also cover branding, leadership and negotiation skills.

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